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Direct Spreading

Save time and money

Eliminate the time and cost of double handling your gypsum. Have your gypsum spread direct from our mine to your paddock. Ring for a quote on (03) 5457 9322, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Cumco Gypsum currently offers a direct spread service to the time critical irrigation farmers, who are poorly serviced by the way that gypsum is handled at the moment. Our spreaders are designed to pick up gypsum at the mine, and then deliver and spread the gypsum onto the farmer's paddock in the one operation. We deliver and spread in 12 tonne loads, at the most suitable time for our valued clients. This service is currently offered to farmers within a 50 kilometre radius of the mine.

Have your gypsum spread when you want it

Most irrigated dairy farms run to a very tight rotation, and need to have their gypsum spread on a particular paddock on a particular day. By direct spreading the gypsum, this rotation is not jeopardised, and the watering and grazing of the irrigated pastures can be fully exploited. Cumco Gypsum will spread in 12 tonne spreader loads when and where it is required.

The future

We plan to expand this service with the use of a self-unloading trailer. With the ability to haul a much larger load it will be economical to offer a direct spread service to any of our clients who would like to purchase their gypsum direct spread. Our existing direct spread clients find that it is the most hassle free way of applying gypsum.

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